Just as we use spices to enhance the flavors of the food we eat, spices too are added to incense ingredients to expand the aromatic pallet of their fragrances. Cinnamon, clove, saffron and vanilla are among the favorites.
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Cinnamon is the inner bark of a tropical evergreen tree. In ancient Egypt cinnamon was used medicinally and as a flavoring for beverages. Its fragrance is warm, spicy, woody and sweet and is said to reduce stress and dispel negative energy.
Auroshikha Cinnamon Incense
Cinnamon and Spice Incense - Rasi (Good Luck)
Padmini Cinnamon Incense
Swagat Cinnamon Incense
Auroshikha Cinnamon Incense Cones
KN Paris Cafe Incense (Japanese)
Butterfly - Yume-No-Yume Incense (Japanese)
Nutmeg is a warm, spicy and aromatic. It blends beautifully with citrus oils, other spices, ylang ylang, geranium, bay, and vanilla. Nutmeg is a native of India, Java, Sumatra, the Moluccas, and nearby islands.
Padmini Nutmeg Incense
Saffron is considered to be the worlds most expensive spice. It is the thread-like reddish colored stigma of the flower Crocus sativa. The fragrance of saffron is sometimes described as like the "sea" air.
Auroshikha Saffron Spice Incense
Bodhi Sattva Saffron Incense
Primo Saffron Incense
Vishnu Nagchampa
Kailash Incense (Tibetan)
Tulasi Flora Incense 25 gr.
Kesar Deluxe Incense 25 gr.
Triloka Heart Chakra Incense
Nepal Lumbini Incense
Pancha Buddha Incense (Tibetan)
Vanilla comes from several species of perennial orchid vines of the genus Vanilla native to Mexico and tropical America. The charactieristic aroma of vanilla is highly fragrant and aromatic, wqarm and comforting. It has been called the "aroma of love."
Auroshikha Vanilla Incense
Padmini Vanilla Incense
The Mother's Fragrances Vanilla Incense - Yajna (Consecration)
Primo Vanilla Incense
Auroshikha Vanilla Incense Cones
HEM Vanilla Incense
Morning Star Vanilla 200 Sticks (Japanese)
Gopala Incense - Patchouli & Vanilla Masala
Incense Works Vanilla Amber Incense
Nitaraj Pariloka Incense
Triloka Vanilla Rose Incense Cones
Triloka Vanilla Sandalwood Incense Cones
East Meets West - Scandinavian Nature (coils)
Varun Flora Incense - 10 gram box
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