The making of incense may have had its origin with the fragrance of burning wood. Certain woods have become very prized for their distinct aromas, particularly sandalwood, aloeswood, cedar and pine.
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Aloeswood is one of the most rare and precious woods in the world. Legend has it that the Buddha said its fragrance is the scent of nirvana. Aloeswood's distinct and penetrating scent is deep, woody and sweet.
Morning Star Gold - Classic Aloeswood
Zuiun Aloeswood Incense
Kangetsu Aloeswood Incense
Ohjya-koh - King's Aroma Sampler
Kyo-jiman - Pride of Kyoto Sampler
Kayuragi Aloeswood Incense Cones
Kayuragi Aloeswood Incense Sticks
Shun-yo - Beckoning Spring Sampler
Misho - Gentle Smile Sampler
Tokusen Mainichi-Koh - Aloeswood (Kyara)
Nan-kun - Southern Wind Sampler
Jinko Kojurin - Aloeswood Incense
Ga-ho - Refinement (Sampler)
Jinko Hoen - Aloeswood Incense
Go-un - Five Clouds (Sampler)
Nan-kun - Southern Wind
Misho - Gentle Smile
Ga-ho - Refinement
The soft fragrance of a bamboo grove is a favorite of Japanese incense blenders. Delicate woody and herbal notes of this fragrance blend to subtly evoke the mood of a bamboo forest after a mid-day rain.
Ka-Fuh Bamboo Incense 120 Sticks
Ka-Fuh Bamboo Incense 50 Sticks
NK Snow in Kyoto Incense
NK No.4 Tree (Coils)
NK No.4 Tree (Sticks)
East Meets West - Thai Memory (coils)
East Meets West - Thai Memory (sticks)
The heartwood of the red cedar spreads an aromatic, warmly enveloping fragrance. Its aroma is deep, woody, balsamic and very pleasant. A wonderful alternative to sandalwood. Its essetial oil is important in aromatherapy.
Auroshikha Cedar Incense
Herbal Vedic Cedar Incense
Triloka Sierra Cedar Incense
The Mother's Fragrances Cedarwood Incense - Prana (Vitality)
Morning Star Cedarwood 200 Sticks
Auroshikha Cedar Incense Cones
Swagat Cedar Wood Incense
Blue Pearl Cedarwood Incense
Native Scents Cedar Incense
Native Scents Cedar Wands
Triloka Root Chakra Incense
Ancient Aromas Healing (White Sage, Cedar, Copal)
Ancient Aromas Harmony (Sweetgrass, Cedar, Lavender)
Ancient Aromas Dream Spirit (Cedar, Perfume Sage, Sweetgrass)
Crescent Moon - Tranquility
Hinoki Cyprus
The Hinok is a cyprus tree native to Japan. It is a popular choice for Bonsai culture. Cyprus wood offers a spicy and woody fragrance with subtle lemon-citrus notes.
Ka-Fuh Hinoki Incense 120 Sticks
Ka-Fuh Hinoki Incense 50 Sticks
Juniper fragrance is derived from its berries and small branches. Its fragrance is hot, spicy and balsamic. Traditionaly burned to ward of eveli spirits and as a disinfectant. It is most commonly used as a smudge incense.
Juniper Bundles
Juniper Ridge Juniper Incense
Native Scents Juniper Wands
Juniper Incense Logs by Native Scents
Dalai Lama's Blessing Incense
Ritual Tibetan Incense
The woody scent of pine is unmistakable Known as the "tree of peace" to Native Americans, its scent has a profoundly calming effect that is cleansing and penetrating.
Auroshikha Pine Incense
Juniper Ridge Pinon Incense
Morning Star Pine 200 Sticks
Auroshikha Pine Incense Cones
Auromere Loban (Sanctity) Incense
Pinon Pine Needles (1 oz.)
The sweet, warm, rich, slightly spicy and woody fragrance of sandalwood (or "chandan" in Hindi) evokes a world of ancient mystery, sanctity, and devotion. The scent of burning sandalwood is considered invaluable in meditation practice.
Auroshikha Sandalwood Incense
Auromere Sandalwood (Purity) Incense
Triloka Sandalwood Incense
Precious Chandan Incense
Mysore Sandal Argabathies
Precious Sandalwood Incense
Herbal Vedic Sandalwood Incense
Nitiraj Classic Sandalwood Incense
Swagat Sandalwood Incense
Bodhi Sattva Sandalwood Incense
Blue Pearl Sandalwood Incense
Tendan Sandalwood Incense (Japanese)
Morning Star Gold - Royal Sandalwood (Japanese)
Primo Sandalwood Incense
Eiju Sandalwood Incense (Japanese)
Morning Star Sandalwood 200 Sticks (Japanese)
Mainichi-Koh Sandalwood - 300 Sticks (Japanese)
Shin Mainichi-Koh - Sandalwood (Japanese)
Mainichi-Koh Sandalwood 10 rolls (Japanese)
Mainichi-Koh Sandalwood Long Stick 5 Rolls (Japanese)
Eiju Spicy Sandalwood (Japanese)
Eiju Spicy Sandalwood (Japanese)
Triloka Sandalwood Musk Incense
Auroshikha Sandalwood Incense Cones
Blue Pearl Sandalwood Blossom Incense
Auroshikha Sandalwood Incense Cones
Triloka Sandalwood Fire Incense Cones
Triloks Royal Sandalwood Incense Cones
Triloks Vanilla Sandalwood Incense Cones
Kesar Deluxe Incense 25 gr.
Sandalwood And Jasmine Incense (Tibetan)
Lord Buddha Incense (Tibetan)
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